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How to find school details.

Use the School Finder to locate the public school zoned for your household. Enter your address and a map will display your home address and the enrolment area of your designated school. The information window shows useful information about the school such as contact details, out of hours care information and public transport routes.

School map


See where our school is located.


Contact us for information about transport routes or other travel arrangements to and from school, or to find out more about our school.

Transport assistance

The school student transport scheme provides subsidised travel on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services for eligible students.

Transport for students with disabilities

Students with a disability may be eligible for the Assisted School Travel Program.

The Brooklyn community is unique in that many of the villages are only accessable by water. Students travel from Dangar Island and Little Wobby by bus and ferry. Students from Bar Point and Peat's Bite can only get to Brooklyn by private boat, though public buses are available from Brooklyn and Mooney Mooney.