Parents/ Community

Our school by the river is small and unique.  It is extremely well supported by local businesses, the community and of course the parents and teachers.   Because of this continued support, Brooklyn Public School is able to offer it's students the same opportunities (and more) that are offered at any larger schools.

The P&C is a group of parents and citizens who volunteer their time to further enhance the school community; whether it be by fund raising for specific programs/purchases of specific equipment, or by developing extra curriculum activities to deliver exceptional opportunities to our children.


Each year the P&C runs the very successful Trivia Night, the mother's/father's day stalls, and various other raffles and cake stalls.  With the funds from these events the P&C helps finance improvements in technology for the classrooms, supplies library books, end of year prizes, subsidising the intensive swimming school and has been able to establish and support the Kids Club which provides before and after school activities.


P & C 

Please contact the school by email for scheduled meeting times and minutes of previous meetings. 

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