Creative Arts Program (CAP)

Terms and Conditions (doc 32 KB)

Creative Arts Program (CAPS):

Some time ago the P&C applied for, and received, funding through the Investing in Our Schools Federal Government Grant.  This funding enabled the Creative Arts Program to be established.  Using these funds, equipment and instruments were purchased.The program is for the benefit of ALL our children. 


Although CAPs is organised by volunteers from the P&C, all courses are led by experienced and qualified music/ art teachers.  As these lessons are held outside of school hours, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure the child/ren are delivered and collected on time.


This year the following courses are on offer: 

  • guitar lessons for beginners and beyond beginners
  • flute and recorder tuition
  • private lunchtime keyboard classes
  • art classes and dance lessons.


If you have an interest in learning any musical instrument please contact the school. Music lessons are usually conducted after school, but we are very flexible.


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